Vocabula Chilensia

(attributed to) Elias Herckmans


in: Gasparis Barlaei, Rervm per Octennivm in Brasilia Et alibi nuper gestarum, Sub Praefectura Illustrissimi Comitis I. Mavritii, Nassoviae, &c. Comitis, Nunc Vesaliae Gubernatoris & Equitatus Foederatorum, Belgii Ordd. sub Avriaco Ductoris, Historia. Indefessvs Agendo. Amstelodami, Ex. Typographeio, Joannis Blaev, MDCXLVII

Numbering from: R. R. Schuller El Vocabulario Araucano de DE 1642-1643 con Notas Críticas i Algunas Adiciones a las Bibliografías de la Lengua Mapuche. Santiago de Chile, Editorial Cervantes, Bandera 50. Corpus of Historical Mapudungun


Southern Mapudungun (Huilliche/Beliche)

Exploration/Military Texts

Castro (Chiloé), Carelmapu and Valdivia (docking places of the ship)

Corpus of Historical Mapudungun

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NB: In the 'comments' column, occasional reference is made to "Historia Naturalis Brasiliae" by Pisonis and Marcgravi (1648), which contains an appendix on *De Chilensium Lingua, et Vocabularium dictionum Chilensium* (DCL). This appears to be a copy of the same original manuscript used to compile Barlaei's "Vocabula". On the one hand, DCL is briefer, but on the other, it shows occasional distinct spellings that are clearly the result of a different interpretation of the original handwritten document.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: Belén Villena (BV), Roberto Bahamonde Andrade (RBA), Constanza Martinez (CM), and Carlos Leiva (CL) (for their numerous suggestions)

The Spanish translation is taken directly from the Latin. This is the work of Constanza Martinez, published here with the translator's permission and our heartfelt thanks.

1. Tipanto Annus. Año tripantu year N root tripantu year
2. Tien Mensis, luna. Mes, luna küyen' moon/month N root küyen' moon/month
3. Toninco Septimana. Semana domingo week N root domingo week
4. Ante Dies, Sol. Día, sol antü sun/day N root antü sun/day
5. Paun Nox. Noche pun' night N root pun' night
6. Tabuyo Vespera Tarde (PM) trafuya evening N root trafuya evening
7. Eppeun Mane. Mañana (AM) epewün' almnost dawn N root root epe wün' almostdawn
8. Rangiante Meridies. Mediodía rangiantü midday N root root rangi antü middlesun/day
9. Vrle Cras. Mañana (día sgte.) wüle tomorrow AV root wüle tomorrow
10. Eppoê Perendie. Pasado mañana epuwe in two days AV root sfx epu we two-temp
11. Vya Heri. Ayer wiya yesterday AV root wiya yesterday
12. Putcy Nudiustertius. Antes de ayer püchi? small/a bit AJ root püchi? small/a bit The informant possibly used an expression to mean 'a bit ago' rather than specifically 'the day before yesterday', as implied by the Latin
13. Bachiante Hodie. Hoy fachiantü today AV root fachiantü today
14. Mintay Nunc. Ahora müchai soon AV root müchai soon
15. VVeytiva Tunc. Entonces feytüfa this/then DP root feytüfa this/then
16. VVantarulei Summo mane. El alba wün' dawn V root sfx root sfx sfx wün' ta ru le iy dawn-?pass-vblz-ind3
17. Taptou Serum. El anochecer traftu late AV root sfx next tu late-advz
18. Biliante Semper. Siempre fillantü always AV root fill every/all
19. Chumel Quando. Cuándo chumül when AV root chumül When
20. Chem chuem Quomodo, velut, sicut. De qué modo, como, así como chum how AV root chum how
21. Hueno Cœlum. Cielo wenu_N sky/heaven N root wenu above/up/sky/heaven/weather
22. Quereb Aër, ventus. Aire, viento kürüf wind/air N root kürüf wind
23. Tomo Nubes. Nube tromü cloud N root tromü cloud
24. VVangelen Stellae. Estrellas wangül'en star N root wangül'en star
25. Pillon Tonitru. Trueno pillañ volcano/thunder/demi-god/spirit N root pillañ demon/thunder
26. Gualio Fulmen. Rayo ? lightning N root ? lightning
27. Buta que quereb Ventus validus tempestas. Viento fuerte, tempestad fücha ke kürüf old/big wind/air AJ PL N root sfx root fücha ke kürüf old/big p wind
28. Maoni Pluvia. Lluvia mawün' rain N root mawün' rain
29. Piren Nix. Nieve piren snow V root sfx pire (ü)n snow-inf
30. Verqumao Ros. Rocío// agua en movimiento fürkümawün dew N root root fürkü mawün freshrain fürkü=sp fresco, maw=rain as the etymon of mawün (see Febrés)
31. Pilingei Glacies. Hielo piliñngen freeze V root sfx sfx piliñ nge iy ice-vblz-ind3
32. Quetal Ignis. Fuego kütral fire N root kütral fire
38. Kô Agua. Agua ko water N root ko water
34. Tue Terra. Tierra t'ue earth N root tue earth
35. Mappo Ager. solum. Campo, suelo mapu land N root mapu land
36. Pele gleba, gluten argilla Terrón, pegamento, greda pel'e mud/clay N root pel'e mud/clay
37. Cura Lapis. Piedra kura stone N root kura stone
38. Maviel Lignum. Madera mamüll? wood N root mamüll? wood
39. Aluven Lignum fabrile. Madera labrada aliwen? tree N root aliwen tree
40. Millia Aurum. Oro milla gold N root milla gold
41. Lien Argentum. Plata ligen silver N root ligen silver
42. Paila Metallum. Mina, filón//metal payla metal/iron N root payla metal/iron possibly referring to a metal pan, from Spanish 'paila' (see 136
43. Titi Stannum. Estaño tritri pewter N root tritri pewter
44. Pavillue Ferrum. Fierro, hierro pañilwe iron N root pañilwe iron
45. Qutal cura Silex. Sílice, pedernal, roca kütralkura flint N root root kütral kura firestone see Febrés
46. Chadi Sal. Sal chadi salt N root chadi salt
47. Lÿl Scopulus. Roca, peñasco lil cliff N root lil cliff
48. Milla mappu Minera auri. Mineral de oro milla mapu gold mine N root root milla mapu goldland
49. Alyquen Arbor. Árbol aliwen tree N root aliwen tree
50. Cahu Herba. Hierba, pasto cachu grass N root cachu grass
51. Nebo Nuces. Nueces ngefü Chilean hazelnut N root ngefü hazelnut This is the Chilean hazelnut (Gevuina avellana) of the Proteaceae family (RBA).
52. Pino Stramen. Paja, forraje pinu straw/reeds/chaff N root pinu straw/reeds/chaff
53. Cairon Foenum. Heno coiron thatch/grass N root coiron? thatch/grass The Latin is for 'hay', while the word 'coiron' refers to a a grass (poaceae). The name is used in Spanish and according to Meyer-Rusca originally from Quechua, so it could have come through either. Thanks to BVA.
54. VVento Vir. Varón, hombre wentru man N root wentru man
55. Domo Femina. Mujer domo woman N root domo woman
56. Quidungen Iuvenis. Joven varón kidungen be alone N root sfx sfx kidu nge n self/alone-vblz-nmlz
57. Yecho Adolescentula. Jovencita weche?üllcha? young woman N root weche?üllcha? young woman
58. Penien Puer. Niño varón püñeñ child N root püñeñ child
59. Domo penien Puella. Niña domo püñeñ woman child AJ N root root domo püñeñ woman child
60. Chou Pater. Padre chau father N root chau fother
61. Nenque Mater. Madre ñuke mother N root ñuke mother
62. Domo cheche Avia. Abuela domo cheche woman maternal grandfather of a woman AJ N root root domo cheche woman maternal grandfather of a woman
63. Cheche Avus. Abuelo cheche maternal grandfather of a woman N root cheche maternal grandfather of a woman
64. VVeuco Avunculus. Tío (materno) weko maternal uncle N root weko maternal uncle
65. Mama Matertera. Tía (materna) mamañuke maternal aunt N root mamañuke maternal aunt
66. Pelcuchau Vitricus. Padrastro pelkuchaw stepfather N root root pelku chau in-law/not-by-bloodfother
67. Caulla Noverca. Madrastra kula stepmother N root kula? stepmother In both Febrés and Augusta we get 'kulapüñeñ' and 'kulañuke' as 'stepchild' and 'stepmother' (RBA). Alternatively, the word may be 'llalla'= 'mother-in-law or maternal grandmother/grandchild' (BVA)
68. Botum Filius. Hijo varón fot'üm son (of a man) N root fot'üm son (of a man)
69. Neaque Filia. Hija ñawe daughter (of a man) N root ñawe daughter (of a man)
70. Penu Frater. Hermano varón peñi brother (of a man) N root peñi brother (of a man)
71. Lamoên Soror. Hermana lamngen brother (of a woman) or sister N root lamngen brother (of a woman) or sister
72. Guempo Socer. Suegro kempu father/brother/uncle-in-law (of a man) N root kempu father/brother/uncle-in-law (of a man) probably a mis-reading of 'q' as 'g'. The 'q' spelling is found in 'De Chilensium Lingua, et Vocabularium dictionum Chilensium' by Pisonis and Marcgravi (1648), which appears to be an independent copy of the vocabulary manuscript (with thanks to RBA).
73. Vilca Socrus. Suegra fillka brother-in-law of a woman (her husband's brother or male cousin), sister-in-law of a man (wedded to a his brother or male cousin) N root fillka brother-in-law of a woman (her husband's brother or male cousin), sister-in-law of a man (wedded to a his brother or male cousin)
74. Choupo Gener. Yerno trupa son-in-law N root trupa son-in-law chupa in Valdivia's Vocabulary
75. VVeuro\ Cognatus. Pariente, consanguíneo weku? maternal uncle? N root weku? maternal uncle?
76. VVama /penco Cognatus. Pariente, consanguíneo wema? penco first born? ? N N root wema? first born? Schüller comments:Edicion de 1660, páj. 477, trae peno! – 'wema' is used to mean 'older sister'
77. Cunevva pupillus. Impúber kuñifal poor/orphan N root kuñifal poor/orphan
78. Buytha senex. Anciano fücha old/big AJ root fücha old/big
79. Cude Anus. Anciana kushe old lady N root kude old lady
80. Penienboe Obstetrix. Partera, comadrona püñeñfe midwife N root sfx püñeñ fe give birth-agent
81. Apô curaca Praefectus. El que dirige, jefe apo1 kuraka governor/lord great chief N N root root apo kuraka governor/lord great chief in older sources (Valdivia+Febres)
82. Curaca Dominus. Dueño, señor kuraka great chief N root kuraka great chief
83. Apô Generalissimus. Generalísimo apo1 governor/lord N root apo governor/lord in older sources (Valdivia+Febres)
84. Nen toque Gubernator. Piloto, timonel ngen' toki owner/master axe V N root root ngen' toki owner/master axe the Mapuche stone axe is taken to be a symbol of power, hence the bearer of the axe is a leader, often referred to simply as 'toki' (RBA)
85. Vlmen eminens, primariae dignitatis. Elevado, eminente, de elevado mérito ül'men rich/noble person N root ül'men rich/noble person
86. P ulmen Nobilis. Noble, de alcurnia pu ül'men plural rich/noble person PART N sfx root pu ül'men particle rich/noble person
87. Leptoque Imperator. Caudillo, mandatario leptoki fast-chief N root root lef toki fastchief
88. Machi Medicus. Médico machi machi/healer N root machi machi/healer
89. Cona Miles. Soldado kon'a assistant/soldier N root kon'a assistant/soldier
90. Retave Caman Faber ferrarius. Artesano en fierros rütrafe kamañ smith occupation/art N N root root rütrafe kamañ smith occupation/art
91. Guito VVoc Textor. Tejedor witralfe weaver N root sfx witral fe loom-agent
92. Challo a caman Piscator. Pescador challwa kamañ fish occupation/art N N root root challwa kamañ fish occupation/art
93. Nilla cabôe Mercator. Mercader ngillakafe merchant N root root sfx ngilla ka fe buy/getother/also-agent
94. Turintavve tinctor. Tintorero, teñidor tintawe? painter/dyer N root sfx tinta? we dye/ink-agent Sp:tinta-'ink'? why 'we' is used instead of 'boe' for the agentive is unclear. Possibly 'w' as /v/.
95. Chumpiro Caman pileo. Pileo (gorro). (¿hacedor de gorro?) chumpiro kamañ hat occupation/art N N root root chumpiro kamañ hat occupation/art Sp:sombrero
96. Tultunça Caman tympanistes. Tamborilero kul'trun kamañ drum occupation/art N N root root kul'trun kamañ drum occupation/art note that Febres gives 'trüntrünka' for drum, alongside 'kultrun' and note the similarity with 'trutruka', a horn – Cañas also gives 'cultrunka', pointing to the regional nature of the -ka form
97. Ni che ta ni vveni famulus. Esclavo, siervo ñi che ta ñi weñi my/his/her/their person my/his/her/their boy PP N DA PP N root root sfx root root ñi che ta ñi weñi my/his/her/their(PP1s/3) person DA my/his/her/their(PP1s/3) boy probably in the meaning of a youth doing work as an assistant, such as a groom or manservant – 'weñi' is likely a form of 'wenuy' meaning 'friend'
98. Voêrquin Nuncius. Mensajero, correo werken messenger N root werken messenger
99. Langam Cheboe homicida. Asesino, homicida l'angümchefe murderer N root sfx root sfx l'ang üm che fe die-causeperson-agent
100. Chuguiboê Fur. Ladrón chukife thief N root sfx chuki fe steal-agent
101. Illuiboe Mendicus. Mendigo, indigente illüfe beggar N root sfx illüf fe unfortunate-agent
102. Alvee Diabolus. Diablo, espíritu del engaño alwe dead person (their soul) N root alwe dead person (their soul)
103. Ruca Domus. Casa ruka house N root ruka house
104. Vllin Ianua. Puerta wülngiñ door N root wülngiñ door
105. Chaquana scala. Escalera, peldaño chakana ladder N root chakana ladder Quechua:chakana=bridge or ladder.Thanks to RBA
106. Pylca Paries. Pared, muro pirka wall N root pirka wall
107. VVana ruca Tectum. Techo wenu ruka sky/heaven house N N root root wenu ruka above/up/sky/heaven/weather house
108. Pithe ruca tuguriolum. Choza, cabaña pequeña pichi ruka small house AJ N root root püdn ruka small house possibly also a form of 'püchi ruka', with the word 'püchi' having a pejorative connotation, based on the original meaning 'small' i.e. 'a hovel' (suggested by RBA)
109. Guetaltuange Focus. Hogar, fogón kütraltun build a fire V root sfx sfx sfx kütral tu a nge fire-vblz-fut-imp2s
110. Lolcura Penu Provisiones, vituallas lolkura? pantry(hole-stone)? C root root lolo kura holestone potentially meaning 'a hole lined with stones' or 'a stone with holes'
111. Cavvyto Cubile. Lecho, cama kawitu bed N root kawitu bed Quechua:kawitu
112. Deptuaruca Carcer. Cárcel deftuaruka? prison (bind house) N root sfx sfx root def tu a ruka rope-vblz-fut?house Valdivia and Febrés give 'deftun/devtun' as 'aprehend/imprison'
113. VVeltelve Patibulum. Patíbulo ? gallows N root sfx sfx welte (ü)l fe? be uneven-cause-ins possibly a form of 'pültrün+we' meaning 'hang+place' (RBA).
114. Pengal Sepulcrum. Tumba, sepulcro rüngal tomb N root rüngal tomb
116. Louquen Mare. Mar l'afken' sea/lake N root l'afken' sea/lake
116. Levo Fluvius. Río l'ewfü river N root l'ewfü river
117. Buta vvapo Navis. Nave fücha wampu big/old boat AJ N root root füta wampu big/old boat Quechuan:wampu
118. Pich uampo Navicula. Nave pequeña püchi wampu small boat AJ N root root pichi wampu small boat Quechuan:wampu
119. Dolio Lembus, canoa. Chalupa, canoa dallka? raft N root dallka? raft? speculatively, a misspelling of 'dolco', which in turn would give us 'dallka' (thanks to RBA)
120. VVampo scapha. Barca wampu boat N root wampu boat Quechuan:wampu
121. Alivven Malus. Mástil aliwen tree N root aliwen tree elicited here as 'mast'
122. Mou Funes. Cuerdas maw rope N root maw rope
123. Vela Vela. Velas vela sail N root vela sail Sp:vela
124. VVyta Remus. Remo witra oar N root witra drag/pull/whack see 'witran'=pull and 'witri'=spoon for more, see 147.
125. Guetal Ignis. Fuego, llama kütral fire N root kütral fire
126. Tubquen cinis. Ceniza trufken ash N root trufken ash
127. Cuju carbo. Carbón kuyul' charcoal N root kuyul' charcoal
128. Ale Flamma. Llama ayl'en? flame N root ayl'en? flame 'ayl'en' is the word for 'ember', an alternative here is 'ale' meaning 'moonlight' (suggested by RBA)
129. Aypel pruna. Carbón encendido, brasa aypel ember N root aypel ember
130. Lucaton Guetal fomitie scintillae. Virutas de chispa lüfketun kütral to flash lightning fire V N root sfx sfx root lüfke tu (ü)n kütral lightning-vblz-inf fire
131. VVietum Fumus. Humo fitruñ smoke N root fitruñ smoke
132. Catila Candela. Candela, mecha, antorcha katila candle N root katila candle Sp:candela.
133. VVyno Culter. Cuchillo winu knife N root winu knife
134. VViti Cochlear. Cuchara, cucharada wütrü spoon N root wütrü spoon
135. Guidi olla. Olla, vasija de barro widü clay pot N root widü clay pot
136. Paila lebes Caldera, olla payla pan N root payla pan Sp:paila.
137. Lepôe scopae. Escoba lepüwe broom N root sfx lepü we sweep/clean-inst
138. Couvvvvoe fusi. Travesaño de una palanca kuliwfe spindler N root sfx kuliw fe spindle-agent
139. Lepo boruvve dentiscalpium. Mondadientes lepüforowe toothpick N root root sfx lepü foro we sweep/cleanbone/tooth-ins
140. Pavilla Lonco galea. Casco pañilwe metal/iron N root root pañilwe longko metal/ironhead
141. VVaiqui Hasta. Lanza, pica, asta wayki lance N root wayki lance
142. Pylqui Sagitta. Flecha pülki arrow N root pülki arrow
143. Pulqui Tuboi Arcus. Arco pülkitufe archer N root sfx sfx pülki tu fe arrow-vblz-agent
144. Tultunca Tympanum. Tambor trultrunka drum N root trultrunka drum
145. Macane clava ferrea. Maza de fierro, garrote, clava makana club N root makana club Sp:macana.
146. Cachal Securis. Hacha kachal axe N root kachal axe possibly Spanish 'hacha', or possibly 'katrü-a-el' 'cut-future-nmlz'
147. VVita Ligo. Azadón witra hoe N root witra drag/pull/whack the word appears to be related to the verb 'witran' meaning to pull or to draw, also used for 'oar' apparently (cf. 124). See also 'wichan'='to rend', 'witan'= 'to whack'(Smmets) and 'witafkün' = 'to slap'(Febrés), all probably related, etymologically (thanks to RBA)
148. Juisue Cribrum. Tamiz chuychuywe sieve N root sfx chuychuy we sieve-inst It can be traced back to Febrés 'chuychuywe' and Valdivia 'suysuywe' which ultimately goes gack to Quechua 'suysuna' followed by the mapuche instrumental 'we'. It is possible that the borrowing is through Spanish. Most forms in present dialects are based on 'cernir' (cf. Augusta 'chüñidwe'). see Hernández et al give the form chünüwe.
149. Chilca epistola. Carta chillka letter N root chillka letter
150. Quido Amiculum. Ropa interior// camisa// manto küdu cloak N root küdu cloak
151. Macum Subucula. Especie de camisa// túnica de abajo makuñ poncho N root makuñ poncho
152. Charavvilla Femorale. Calzones// pantalones charawilla underpants N root charawilla underpants
153. Chompiro Pileus. Gorro de lana chompiru hat N root chompiru hat Sp:sombrero
154. Tarivve loun Fascia. diadema. Cinta, diadema trariwe longko band head/chief N N root sfx root trari we longko tie-inst head/chief
155. Icla stola muliebris. Túnica femenina ikülla cape/shawl N root ikülla cape/shawl Valdivia gives 'iklla', also appears as 'eküll' elsewhere.(Thanks to CL)
156. Domo Ruida toga. Toga de mujer domo ruyda? woman toga? N N root root domo ruyda? woman toga?
157. Couchon saccus. Saco//monedero ? sack?coat? N root ? ?
158. Pino chompiro pileus stramineus. Gorro de paja pinu chompiru straw/reeds/chaff hat N N root root pinu chompiru straw/reeds/chaff hat Sp:sombrero
159. Congi cibus. Alimento kongi harvest N root kongi harvest
160. Cobque Panis. Pan kofke bread N root kofke bread
161. Nul Cobque medulla panis. Miga del pan ngülün kofke doughy centre bread V N root root ngülün kofke kneed bread
162. Liquangue Lux. Luz ligüngen? light/bright AJ root sfx sfx lig ? nge white/light-?-vblz
163. Dumingei tenebrae. Tinieblas dumiñgnen darken V root sfx sfx dumiñ nge iy dark-vblz-ind3
164. Oun buccella. Boquita//bocadillo wün' mouth/mouthfull N root wün' mouth/mouthfull
165. Quemeiquen bellaria. Confituras, postres// licores dulces kümeken sweet V root sfx sfx küme ke n good-plur-vblz
166. Medda Puls. Masa de harina müda mash/pulp N root müda mash/pulp
167. Core Jusculum. Caldo korü broth N root korü broth
168. Ilon Caro. Carne ilo meat N root ilo meat
169. Cuicha Ilon Caro ovilla. Carne de oveja ofida ilo sheep meat N N root root ofida ilo sheep meat Sp:oveja
170. VVara Ilon Caro bubula. Carne de vaca waka ilo cow meat N N root root waka ilo cow meat Sp:vaca
171. Cuchi Ilon Caro suilla. Carne de cerdo kuchi ilo pig meat N N root root kuchi ilo pig meat from spa 'cochi', used to call pigs
172. Cuchi cham perna. Pata, jamón kuchi chang pig branch/leg N N root root kuchi chang pig branch/leg from spa 'cochino' or from arn 'kuchiu' (arse) or both from the spa?
173. Chaditues Ilon Caro salita. Carne salada chadituel ilo salted meat AJ N root sfx sfx root chadi tu el ilo salt-vblz-nmlz meat
174. Caucan Caro tosta. Carne tostada kangkan barbacue/roast N root kangkan barbacue/roast probably a confusion of 'u' for 'n'
175. Avaun Caro elixa. Carne hervida afün cook V root afün cook
176. Puytscha Intestina. Intestinos pütra gut/stomach N root pütra gut/stomach
177. Curam ovum. Huevo kuram egg N root kuram egg
178. Quecuram vitellum ovi. Yema de huevo ke kuram yolk N root root ke kuram liveregg
179. Ly curam Albumen ovi. Clara de huevo lig kuram white/light egg AJ N root root lig kuram white/light egg
180. Ivvijn Butyrum. Mantequilla iwiñ lard N root iwiñ lard
181. Ylu Lac. Leche ilu milk N root ilu milk Valdivia, Febrés and Havestadt qualify this as mother's milk, as opposed to a more generic 'lichi'. Febres gives 'lichitun' as 'to milk', while human breastfeeding is given as 'moyulcan' by Valdivia. It is likely that, at least for more northern dialects a distinction between human and animal milk was preerved in the lexicon, the latter probably having entered the Mapuche diet only after European contact, hence taking a Spanish word 'leche'. It is possible that in the variety described here, the Mapuche word was extended to animal milk as well as human. 'ilu' is not attested later.
182. Puulco Potus. Bebida pülku cider/wine N root pülku cider/wine
183. Uino Vinum. Vino vino wine N root vino wine Sp:vino
184. Ciche Cerevisia Chilensis. Cerveza chilena chicha cider N root chicha cider Sp:chicha
185. Cutan Morbus, dolor. Enfermedad, dolor kutran disease/pain/wound N root kutran disease/pain/wound
186. Aren cutan Febris. Fiebre aren kutran burning disease/pain/wound AJ N root root aren kutran burning disease/pain/wound likely from spa 'arder'
187. Tovvongen Caput. Cabeza tofün' Nerve joining the spine and skull N root tofün' Nerve joining the spine and skull
188. Lanco Cultano Dolor capitis. Dolor de cabeza longko kutran head/chief disease/pain/wound N N root root longko kutran head/chief disease/pain/wound
189. Veno Aren Scabies. Costra//sarna ? aren ? burning N V root root ? aren ? burning possibly from Spanish 'arder'
190. Pituvv scabies capitis. Costra de cabeza// sarna de la cabeza pitru scabies N root pitru scabies
191. Albungien Vulnus. Herida allfüngen be wounded V root sfx sfx allfü nge n wound-vblz-inf
192. Molbuen Sanguis. Sangre mollfüñ blood N root mollfüñ blood
193. Touma Coecus. Ciego trawma blind N root trawma blind
194. Cavvinto Convivium. Banquete, convite kawiñtun to party V root sfx kawiñ tu party-vblz
195. Colchou variolae, morbilli. Viruela, sarampión kolchaw pustule N root kolchaw pustule in Valdivia and Febrés we find kolchaw, while in Augusta we get 'poltraw' or 'noltraw' the early case must refer to the filling with liquid 'ko' (water)
196. VVocubu Fera. Fiera wekufü demon/devil N root wekufü demon/devil here corresponding to 'wild animal/beast' in the Latin
197. Pangi Leo. León pangi mountain lion N root pangi mountain lion
198. Naguel Tigris, Tigre nawel jaguar N root nawel jaguar
199. Cavallô Equus. Caballo kawellu horse N root kawellu horse Sp:caballo
200. Cuchy Sus. Cerdo kuchi pig N root kuchi pig from spa 'cochi', used to call pigs
201. Michun Vitulus. Ternero, novillo michun cat? N root michun cat potentially 'pichi mansun' suggests BVA. It is likely that there was a transcription error, with 'michun' actually corresponding to the word 'cat', a Spanish borrowing and the equivalent for calf missing altogether.
202. Devve Mus. Ratón dewü mouse N root dewü mouse
203. VVaren Glis. Lirón waren rat N root waren rat noted by Sánchez 2010, but in none of the other dictionaries, excepting Chilidúgu I p220
204. Tuvve devve Talpa. Topo t'uwe dewü earth mouse N N root root t'uwe dewü earth mouse
205. Tevva Canis. Perro trewa dog N root trewa dog
206. Pulpeo vulpes. Zorra kulpew fox N root kulpew fox The 'P' spelling is probably a transmission error. This is the larger Andean fox known also as Culpeo in English and Spanish (Lycalopex culpaeus).
207. Noquen Vrsa. Osa noken coypu/nutria N root noken coypu/nutria Chon?:noquenprobably 'Myocastor coypus', the word is attested as 'Nutria' in an 1875 Hidrographic report, where an indiginous person from the 'Las Guaitecas' islands, south of Chiloé gives the word 'noque'. The idiginous person is said to speak 'payo' and to reflect 'ancient Chon', although most words transcribed are clearly Mapudungun. (Thanks to RBA)
208. Lame phoca. Foca l'ame sea lion N root l'ame sea lion
209. Lemo cuchi aper. Jabalí lemu kuchi forest pig N N root root lemu kuchi forest pig from spa 'cochi', used to call pigs
210. Chumam Cervus. Ciervo Chünam deer(huemul) N root Chünam deer(huemul) Tehuelche:Shünam.This seems to be a word shared with the Tehuelche language. Alredy in 1670 the Jesuit Nicolás Mascardi gives the form 'chunanes' for ‘venado’ in the vecinity of Lake Nahuelhuapi. Musters (1911) gives 'shóen' for ‘large deer', Lehmann-Nitsche (1915-16) gives 'shün-nam' or 'shǚnam' for ‘venado’ and Schmid (1910) 'sōnem' for 'deer'. I am greateful to Carlos Leiva for advancing this possibility. Alternatively, this could simply be a miscommunication, meaning 'what for?'
211. Puedo hircus marinus. Chivo marino püdu pudu N root püdu pudu original has latin 'hircus marinus'. 'hircus' is reasonable, as early descriptions talk of the pudu being a type of mountain goat (see Sánchez, 2010). The 'marinus' element is hard to interpret
212. Quelen cauda. Cola külen tail N root külen tail
213. Chilivvequi ovi Chilensis. Oveja chilena chilliweke chilihueque N root chilliweke chilihueque This refers to the 'Chilean sheep', actually a domesticated camelid, probably related to the guanaco. The use of 'weke' for sheep is attested even by Augusta. The nature of the word Chili hiere is of particular interest.
214. Zunem avis. Ave üñüm bird N root üñüm bird
215. Lyppe pluma. Pluma, escama lüpe feather(large) N root lüpe feather(large)
216. Mepoi inem Ala. Ala müpü üñüm wing bird N N root root müpü üñüm wing bird
217. Guelem Inem vestis è plumis. Vestido hecho de plumas külen üñüm tail bird N N root root külen üñüm tail bird possibly 'külen'='tail', but it is hard to make this compatible with the Latin
218. Dani Inem Nidus. Nido dañe üñüm nest bird N N root root dañe üñüm nest bird
219. Achavval gallina. Gallina achawall hen N root achawall hen
220. Alchahavval gallus. Gallo alkaachawall cockrel N root root alka achawall male birdhen morpheme boundary unclear
221. Pylken Anas. Pato pilmaykeñ swallow N root pilmaykeñ swallow given as 'duck', possibly a different animal such as a swan 'pingadu'
222. Pilo Surdus. Sordo pilu deaf AJ root pilu deaf
223. Hilca Monoculus. Tuerto wilkar cross-eye AJ root wilkar cross-eye possibly a cataract, 'trirka=nube en la córnea' according to Augusta. He also gives 'wilkar nge' as 'ojo torcido' or 'extropium'
224. Topilgen strabus. Estrábico trongfülnge cross-eyes N root trongfül lame/crooked/twisted in Febrés we find 'trompül/tromvül', in Valdivia it's 'trompl'
225. Topil claudus. Cojo trongfül lame/crooked/twisted N root trongfül lame/crooked/twisted in Febrés we find 'trompül/tromvül', in Valdivia it's 'trompl'
226. Jeca corvus. Cuervo yeku cormoran N root yeku cormoran thanks to RBA
227. Buica putter. -- diwka diuca finch N root diwka diuca finch the word is given in Dutch as 'putter', menaning 'goldfinch' – Febrés also gives 'viwka' as 'diuca, pajarito'
228. Guereo turdus. Tordo kürew thrush N root kürew thrush tordo in Spanish
229. Tuco buho. Búho (bubo, onis) tuku Magellanic Horned Owl N root tuku Magellanic Horned Owl See Lenz 1910 'tucúquere' referring to 'bubo magellanicus' which he says is onomatopoeic and certaintly Mapudungun, if not listed in the dictionary record. Also possibly 'nuku' a short-eared owl (Otus brachyotus). Thanks to RBA
230. Cogo Cuculus. Cuclillo (ave) kongo rufous-legged owl N root kong rufous-legged owl Possibly the same root as 'congcong', which refers to the rufous-legged owl (Strix rufipes). There is also a place in Chiloé by the name 'cogomo', presumably 'place of owls', according to RBA. Alternatively, could be `kono', the common wood pigeon, Columba palumbus.
231. Uullyn Apis. Abeja llulliñ/diulliñ bee N root llulliñ/diulliñ bee double-l probably misread as capital 'U'
232. Pulli Musca. Mosca pül'u fly N root pül'u fly
233. Uulgn Musky apum rex. Rey de las abejas llulliñ/diulliñ mishki bee honey N N root root llulliñ/diulliñ mishki bee honey Quechua:misk'i
234. Petar Pediculus. Piojo pütrar louse(clothes) N root pütrar louse(clothes)
235. Nerem Pulex. Pulga nerüm flea N root nerüm flea
236. Piro Vermis. Gusano piru worm N root piru worm
237. Culculla Formica. Hormiga collella ant N root collella ant
238. Cunincunin Cicada. Cigarra kuningkuning cricket N root kuningkuning cricket
239. Vilo Anguis. Serpiente filu snake N root filu snake
240. Bylcum Lacerta. Lagarto fillkuñ lizard N root fillkuñ lizard
241. Ponono Bufo. Sapo ponono toad N root ponono toad
242. Challua Piscis. Pez challwa fish N root challwa fish
243. Cavvel delphinus. Delfín kawel dolphin N root kawel dolphin see Cañas 1911
244. Jene balena. Ballena yene whale N root yene whale
245. Uouqui Арuа. Anchoa (aphye), boquerón ? anchovy? N root ? ?
246. Vilo chalva anguilla. Anguila filu+challwa eel N root root filu challwa snakefish
247. Chadituel chalva pisces saliti. Peces salados chaditunel challwa salted fish V N root sfx sfx root chadi tu el challwa salt-vblz-nmlz fish
248. Anquen chalva indurati. Endurecidos (curtidos) angkün challwa dry fish AJ N root root angkün challwa dry fish
249. Quin pilon ostrea. Ostras kum pilun? oyster? NC root root kum pilun mollusc?ear RBA suggests 'kum+pilun'. Compare 'kumkewün' or 'cunquehuén' as the name for a different kind of mollusc (machas – Mesodesma donacium), still used in Chiloé. Here the 'kum' element probably means 'red' and the 'kewün' element means 'tongue', which is accurate in reference to these molluscs. The 'red' meaning is less apt for oysters.
250. Chapes Musculi. Almejas chapes mussel N root chapes mussel see Sánchez 2010 'Fissurella crassa' is the technical name of the mollusc
251. Melon cochlea. Caracol// concha mülon sea snail N root mülon sea snail See Febrés – thanks to RBA
252. Coinouvv astacus, cancer. Langosta, cangrejo koynawe crab N root koynawe crab
253. Quichiquinchio Falco. Halcón küchiküchi kestrel N root küchiküchi kestrel probably an onomatopoeia – Sp:cernicalo
254. Manco Aguila. Águila mañke condor N root mañke condor given as 'eagle' as the bird was likely unknown to the Dutch
255. Choroi Psittacus. Loro choroy parrot N root choroy parrot See Sánchez, 2010 'Enicognathus leptorhynchus'
256. Poo Ramus. Rama rog? woodpecker/branch? N root rog? woodpecker/branch? 'rog' Febrés? BVA
257. Kempo mamel truncus. Tronco kümpu mamüll chunk tree N N root root kümpu mamüll chunk tree a chopped piece, in this case of a tree trunk, hence the gloss as 'truncus'
258. Bope mamel lignum aridum. Árbol seco (madera) ? mamüll dry? tree ? N root root ? mamüll ? tree
259. Nebue Nux avellana. Avellana ngefü Chilean hazelnut N root ngefü Chilean hazelnut This is the Chilean hazelnut (Gevuina avellana) of the Proteaceae family (RBA).
260. Nido Ivvas Vitis. Vid ñido ufas stem grapes N N root root ñido ufas stem grapes Sp:uvas
261. Nidu stipes. Palo, tronco de árbol ñido stem N root ñido stem
262. Uaguen fraga. Fresas llaweñ strawberry N root llaweñ strawberry 'U' probably confused with 'll' in ms.
263. Couchouvv ribes nigrae. Casis//grosellas negras kauchawe? cauchao(fruit of the luma) N root kochü cauchao(fruit of the luma) Technically, as pointed out to me by RBA, the fruit of the 'luma' tree (Amomyrtus luma), possibly related to the word 'kochü-' for sweet. See Lenz's Diccionario Etimológico Nº 159 where the form 'cauchahue' is given next to 'cauchao'
264. Litue fungi. Hongos ? mushroom? ? root ? ? possibly 'lig+tu+we'= 'that which grows white'?
265. Cachu Herba. Hierba, pasto kachu grass N root kachu grass
266. Pilun Proque plantago. Llantén pilun' pürokiñ ear burr N N root root pilun' pürokiñ ear burr broadleaf plantain (plantago major), see also Valdivia 'huequepilun', meaning 'hoja de llantén' and Augusta 'pillunweke' for 'llantén' – with thanks to RBA
267. Calicai trifolium. Trébol kallekalle New Zealand satin flower N root kallekalle New Zealand satin flower according to the Latin it is 'clover', which could be 'kalmin=scum' but it's not clear how the ending is to be parsed. Here we follow RBA in saying its probably the New Zealand satin flower `kalle-kalle' (Libertia chilensis). There is clearly reduplication, which probably relates to its abundance.
268. Curi urtica. Ortiga kuri nettle N root kuri nettle
269. P ragyn flores. Flores pu rayen flower PL N sfx root pu rayen particle flower
270. Manen Semen. Semilla mangen seed N root mangen seed
271. Methen farina. Harina mütrowün dust off V root sfx mütrow (ü)n dust off-inf possibly a confusion between 'flour' and 'dust'
272. Chiquelen furfur. Salvado chikülün remove chaff V root sfx chikül (ü)n chaff-inf specifically, toasted chaff
273. Gueli Uanca Corallum. Coral kelü llangka red bead N root root kelü llngka redbead probably made from coral – the question was probably about the material rather than the object
274. Kispy vitrum. Vidrio kispi glass N root kispi glass Quechua:q'ispilluthis is a very good candidate for a Quechua borrowing 'Q'ispillu'
275. Cudi lapis molaris. Piedra de moler kudi millstone N root kudi millstone
276. Pel limus. gluten. Barro, pegamento pel'e mud N root pel'e mud
277. Tassaquido tributum. Tributo tasado tax N root tasado tax Sp:tassadoprobably a Spanish or Latin borrowing.
278. Quengu dos. Dote kengu dowry N root kengu dowry see Febrés 'pagar mantas u otra hacienda por las mujeres que llevan.'
279. Dereno Culÿn debitum. Deuda defen? küllin owe payment V N root sfx root sfx defer enew kulli (ü)n owe-ind3-1s pay-nmlz potentially from Spanish 'deber' 'küllin' is closely related to 'külliñ' 'animal' in the sense of livestock, often used as a form of payment. For the meaning 'animal' it seems that the final nasal is always palatalised, wich may indicate it has been lexicalised as such.
280. Culÿn Merces. Pago küllin payment N root sfx kulli (ü)n pay-nmlz 'küllin' is closely related to 'külliñ' 'animal' in the sense of livestock, often used as a form of payment. For the meaning 'animal' it seems that the final nasal is always palatalised, wich may indicate it has been lexicalised as such.
281. Nillavvyn precium redemptionis, lytrum. Precio de liberación, rescate ngillawün buy back V root sfx sfx ngilla (ü)w (ü)n buy-reflex-inf
282. Aucantupain Jocularia. Bromas awkantupan play around V root sfx sfx sfx awkan tu pa (ü)n rebel-vblz-cis-inf
283. Quyn unum. Uno kiñe one NUM root kiñe one
284. Eppo duo. Dos epu two NUM root epu two
285. Quila tria. Tres küla three NUM root küla three
286. Meli quatuor. Cuatro meli four NUM root meli four
287. Quechu quinque. Cinco kechu five NUM root kechu five
288. Cuyn sex. Seis kayu six NUM root kayu six
289. Relgi septem. Siete regle seven NUM root regle seven
290. Pura octo. Ocho pura eight NUM root pura eight
291. Ailla novem. Nueve aylla nine NUM root aylla nine
292. Mari pataco (?) centum. Cien mari pataka ten hundred NUM NUM root root mari pataka ten hundred Quechuan/Aymara:patakaa word that appears also in Quechua and Aymara
293. VVarama mille. Mil warangka thousand NUM root warangka thousand Quechuan/Aymara:waranqaa word that appears also in Quechua and Aymara
294. Guiltui nucleus. Núcleo, centro blando ? nucleus? ? root kiltuy ? in DCL it appears as 'quiltui'
295. Tapel frondes. Follaje tapül leaf N root tapül leaf
296. Nul cortex. Corteza ngül peel/skin/tree-bark N root ngül peel/skin/tree-bark see Smeets 'ngül-' meaning 'to shell'
297. Aliquem arbor. Árbol aliwen tree N root aliwen tree
298. VVul radix. Raíz folil root N root folil root Febrés gives 'vül' side-by-side with 'volil'
299. Jnei pingeimi quomodo vocaris?. ¿Cómo te llamas? iney pingen you(s) be called PP V sfx root sfx sfx iney pi nge imi 2s say-pass-ind2s
300. Juan pingen vocor Johannes. Me llamo Juan juan pingen John be called NP V root root sfx sfx juan pi nge (ü)n John say-pass-ind1s Sp:Juan
301. Cheo Ruaimi quò vadis? ¿Adónde vas? chew run where pass/go WH V particle root sfx sfx chew ru a imi where pass-fut-ind2s
302. Moppo Mu ruam Eo rus. Voy al campo mapu mew run land/earth in/on/with/at pass/go N P V root root root sfx sfx mapu mew ru a (ü)n land/earth in/on/with/at pass-fut-ind1s
303. Cheo tuimi Vnde venis? ¿De dónde vienes? chew tuwün where come WH V particle root sfx chew tuw imi where come-ind2s
304. Ni ro ca mo toun Venio domo. Vengo de mi casa ñi ruka mew tuwün my house in/on/with/at come PP N P V sfx root root root sfx ñi ruka mew tuw (ü)n 1s house in/on/with/at come-ind1s
305. Chumel quipa tuai mi quando venies? ¿Cuándo vendrás? chumül küpa tuwün how long/when want come WH AUX V particle pfx root sfx sfx chumül küpa tuw a imi how long/when want come-fut-ind2s
306. Chumel Prutuai mi quando ibis? ¿Cuándo irás? chumül püran how long/when go up WH V particle root sfx sfx sfx chumül püra tu a imi how long/when go up-rest-fut-ind2s
307. Ale Prungi tam ruca domus tua longe abest? ¿Tu casa está lejos? al'üpürangen tami ruka be very far up your house V PP N root root sfx sfx sfx root al'ü püra nge iy tami ruka verygo up-vblz-ind3 2s house
308. Picheruangei prope est. Está cerca püchiruangen be a bit going V root root sfx sfx sfx püchi ru a nge iy smallpass-fut-pass-ind3
309. Ale Prungei longius est. Está más lejos al'üpürangen be very far up V root root sfx sfx al'ü püra nge iy verygo up-pass-ind3
310. Inchi quiparu n camappu mu Cogito in alias regiones. Pienso en otras regiones iñche küparun kamapu mew I/me want to go other land/far in/on/with/at PN V N P sfx pfx root sfx root root root iñche küpa ru n ka mapu mew 1s wantpass-ind1s again/otherland/earth in/on/with/at
311. Chemnibla quiparui mi camappu mu Cur in alias regiones cogitas? ¿Por qué piensas en otras regiones? chem ñi füla küparun kamapu mew why/what its cause want to go other land/far in/on/with/at WH PP N V N P particle sfx root pfx root sfx root root root chem ñi füla küpa ru imi ka mapu mew why/what 3 cause-wantpass-ind2s again/otherland/earth in/on/with/at
312. Merelya tiva mappu mu Nulla hic victualia. Aquí no (existe)ningún suministro mürün tüfa mapu mew breed land/earth in/on/with/at V DP N P sfx ind3 sfx root root la iy tüfa mapu mew neg- DP land/earth in/on/with/at from 'mür' pair. note DLC has 'merelaya'
313. Aleibelai tvva chi tipanto beniblaale geniepayn Annus hic sterilis fuit, ideò egemus. Este año fue estéril, tenemos necesidad al'ün tüfachi tripantu fey ñi füla al'ü ngüñün be abundant this/these year this/these its cause very be hungry V D N D PP N AV V root sfx sfx sfx root root root sfx root root root sfx sfx sfx al'ü we la iy tüfachi tripantu fey ñi füla al'ü ngün ye pa (iy)iñ very-psist-neg-ind3 this/these year this/these-3 cause very hungry-cf-cis-ind1p
314. Cheo mappungen tami chau in qua regione vivit pater tuus? ¿En qué región vive tu padre? chew mapungen tami chaw where reside your father/sonny WH V PP N particle root sfx sfx sfx root chew mapu nge (ü)n tami chaw where land/earth-vblz-inf 2s father/sonny
315. Alueiei Daemon abstulit. El demonio se alejó alweyen taken by a spirit V sfx sfx alwe ye iy dead person (their soul)-vblz-ind3
316. Aieimi ruaju inchio vis comitari? ¿Quieres acompañarme? ayün run iñchiw want/love/like go we/us two V V PN root sfx root sfx sfx sfx ay imi rua a ju iñchiw want/love/like-ind2s go-future-ind1d 1d
317. Ailan Nolo. No quiero ayün want/love/like V root sfx sfx ay la (ü)n want/love/like-neg-ind1s
318. Aien volo. Quiero ayün want/love/like V root sfx ay (ü)n want/love/like-ind1s
319. Chuben quecken neieimi tania habes quod edas. Tienes algo que comer tunten kekün nien tami how much/how many grains have your(s) WH N V PP particle root root sfx sfx tunten kekün nie imi tami how much/ how many grains have-ind2s-2s literally 'grounds' not sure what final 'a' stands for
320. Cancan achavval neen sunt mihi gallinae assatae. Tengo gallinas asadas kangkang achawall nien barbacue/roast hen have AJ N V root root root sfx kangkang achawell nie (ü)n barbacue/roast hen have-ind1s
321. Mu vvy quot? ¿Cuántas? mufü how much/how many WH particle mufü how much/how many
322. Munalei enchin tavia sufficient nobis. Suficiente para nosotros münalen iñchiñ trafiya? be a lot we/us last night V PN AV root sfx sfx sfx root müna le iy iñchiñ trafuya very-vblz-ind3 1p last night the word 'last night' is not included in the Latin translation. 'tavia' might be the Spanish word 'todavía'? Otherwise 'tufa' or the particle ta+ somthing
323. Chuben putuayn ubi bibemos? ¿Dónde bebemos? tunten pütun how much/many drink WH V particle root sfx sfx tunten pütu a iñ how much/many drink-fut-ind1p the original translation is 'ubi' or 'where'
324. Aile mangunmeinis ago tibi gratias. Te doy las gracias ayün mañumün eymi want/love/like be thankful you(s) V V PN root sfx root sfx sfx ay li mañum (ü)n eymi want/love-subj1s thank-inf 2s
325. Chuben domo triva quae ista mulier? ¿Quién (es) esta mujer? tunten domo tüfa who woman this/these WH N D particle root root tunten domo tüfa how much/many woman this/these normally, this would be 'tuchi' or 'iney' for the meaning 'who'. tunten usually means 'how much'
326. Inchi tan Curi est mea uxor. Es mi mujer iñche tañi kure I/me my wife PN PP N sfx sfx root iñche tañi kure 1s 1s wife
327. Ni nave mea filia. Mi hija ñi ñawe my daughter (of a man) PN N sfx root ñi ñawe 1s daughter (of a man)
328. Ni domo mea concubina. Mi concubina ñi domo my woman PN N sfx root ñi dome 1s woman
329. Ale teminigei vei domo est femina pulchra. Es una bonita mujer al'ü tremongen fey domo very be beautiful this/these woman AJ V D N root root sfx sfx root root al'ü tremo nge iy fey dome very beautiful-vblz-ind3 this/these woman
330. Quipangnei veni huc. Ven acá kipan come V root sfx küpa nge come-imp2s
331. Amotunge abi. Vete amutun go back V root sfx sfx amu tu nge go-rest-imp2s
332. Vmatuayn eamus cubitum. Vamos a la cama umawtun go to sleep V root sfx sfx sfx umag tu a iñ dream-vblz-fut-ind1p
333. Vtaju ca Surgamus. Levantémonos wütran ka get up other/also V AV root sfx root wütra yu ka get up-ind1d other/also
334. VVira Cuchai Compay tan map(p)u mu Hispani invaserunt has terras. Los españoles invadieron estas tierras wirakocha konpan taiñ land mew Spaniard/non-Mapuche enter our land/earth in/on/with/at NP V PP N P root root sfx sfx sfx root root wirakocha kon pa y taiñ mapu mew Spaniard/non-Mapuche enter-cis-ind3 1p land/earth in/on/with/at Quechua:wiraqucha-'white/non-indigenous person'.from the Quechua word for the creator diety
335. Quipa VVaicha laimi vis ne unà pugnare. ¿Quieres pelear juntos? küpaweychan fight V pfx root sfx sfx küpa weycha la imi wantfight-neg-ind2s
336. VVaiquinagelan Carteoarmis. (no tengo armas) waykingen have a spear V root sfx sfx sfx wayki nge la (ü)n spear-vblz-neg-ind1s
337. Ina ên pea in VVaiqui sequere me, potiemur armorum Sígueme, obtendremos armas inan pen wayki follow see spear V V N root imp2p root sfx sfx root ina mün pe a iñ wayki follow- see-fut-ind1p spear
338. Ali teum inche sum contentus. Estoy contento al'ü trem iñche very grown I/me AV AJ PN root root sfx al'ü trem iñche very grown 1s possibly meaning full or satisfied as per the Latin gloss 'contentus'?
339. Pelli Anima. Alma püllü soul N root pülli soul
340. Calel Corpus. Cuerpo kalül body N root kalül body
341. Lai calel cadaver. Cadáver l'an kalül die body AJ N root sfx root l'a iy kalül die-ind3 body
342. Vên Caro. Carne fün' flesh/muscle N root fün' flesh/muscle
343. Molvin Sanguis. Sangre mollfuñ blood N root mollfuñ blood
344. Boro tibia, crus. Tibia, pierna foro bone/tooth N root foro bone
345. Telqui membrana. Piel, membrane trulke skin/leather/membrane N root trulke skin/leather/membrane
346. Ven nervus. Nervio fün' flesh/muscle N root fün' flesh/muscle
347. Uen moluim vena. Vena fün' mollfuñ flesh/muscle blood N N root root fün mollfuñ flesh/muscle blood
348. Lonco caput. Cabeza longko head/chief N root longko head/chief
349. Tol pom. (frente) tol' forehead N root tol' forehead
350. Lenglen cranium. Cráneo lengleng skull N root lengleng skull
351. Lonco capilli. Cabello longko head/chief N root longko head/chief gloss says 'capilli', meaning hair.
352. Teren lonco canicies. Canas trüren longko grey hair head/chief N N root root trüren longko grey hair head/chief
353. Lolo cerebrum. Cerebro lolo hole N root lolo hole the word 'lolo' in Febres and Augusta is a hole, rather than the glossed 'brain' – it appear to be a miscommunication
354. Angen vultus. Rostro ange face N root ange face
355. Taun genae. Mejillas trawün cheek N root trawün cheek
356. Ne oculi. Ojos nge eye N root nge eye
357. Tacune membra. Miembros takun cover N root takun cover 'takun' is a cover or dress in later vocabularies, here it refers to 'membra' which could mean a sexual organ or any part of the body. There is also the term 'tritrakunun' which means 'leave naked' according to Augusta. This may be a root 'tri-' such as in 'tripan', 'exit', plus an otherwise unrecorded term for 'penis'
358. Denen supercilia. Cejas düñiñ eyebrow N root düñiñ eyebrow
359. Ua VVingne cilia. Pestañas llawinge eyelid N root llawinge eyelid
360. Ju Nasus. Nariz yüw nose N root yüw nose
361. Pelo ju nares. Fosas nasales pulul yüw hole nose N N root root pulul yüw hole nose
362. Merum Mucus. Moco (nasal) merun mucus N root merun mucus
363. Pilum aures. Orejas pilun ear N root pilun ear
364. Oun os. Boca wün' mouth N root wün' mouth
365. Adem sudor. Sudor adüm hot AJ root adüm hot found in Febrés. Also found in Valdivia as 'admin'
366. Quevven lingua. Lengua kewün' tongue N root kewün' tongue
367. Melbue labia. Labios mellfü lips N root mellfü lips
368. Boru dentes. Dientes foro bone/tooth N root foro bone/tooth
369. Ilga dens molaris. Muela üllnga molar N root üllnga molar
370. Bida bida palatum. Paladar fidafida palate N root fidafida palate
371. Co un sputum. Escupo, esputo ko wün' water mouth N N root root ko wün' water mouth
372. Rulmevve guttur. Garganta rulmewe esophagus N root rulmewe esophagus
373. Neên spiritus. Aliento n'eyen' breath N root n'eyen' breath
374. Quette mentum. Mentón ketre chin N root ketre chin
375. Paiun barba. Barba payun' beard N root payun' beard
376. Pylco collum. Cuello pilko throat N root pilko throat found in Febrés
377. Pel cervix. Nuca pel' neck N root pel' neck
378. Lipan humerus. Hombro lipang arm N root lipang arm given as 'shoulder' here and in Febrés, but as 'arm' in Augusta and elsewhere
379. Puilpa bracchium. Brazo pu lipang inside the arm N root root pu lipang insidearm
380. Cue manus. Mano kug hand N root kug hand
381. Man cue dextra. Mano derecha man kug right hand AJ N root root man kug right hand
382. VVele coe sinistra. Mano izquierda wele kug left hand AJ N root root wele kug left hand
383. Puley cue vola. Palma de la mano pülay kug palm/sole hand N N root root pülay kug palm/sole hand
384. Changel cue digiti. Dedos changüll kug finger hand N N root root changüll kug finger hand
385. Buta changel pollex. Pulgar füta changüll old/big finger AJ N root root füta changüll old/big finger
386. VVili ungues. Garras/uñas wil'i nail N root wil'i nail
387. Zevo pectus. Pecho rüku chest N root rüku chest
388. Moju Mamilla. Tetilla, seno moyo breast N root moyo breast
389. Pue Venter. Vientre pue womb N root pue womb
390. VVeddo umbilicus Ombligo füdo navel N root füdo navel
391. Cadi costae. Costillas kadi rib N root kadi rib
392. Buri dorsum. Espalda furi back N root furi back
393. Anca lumbi. Lomos, parte baja de la espalda angka torso N root angka torso given as 'lumbi' or 'loins', but in Augusta it's given as the body's middle and 'vientre'
394. Quichio nates. Nalgas küchiw anus N root küchiw anus
395. Penem penis. Pene pünün penis N root küchiw penis
396. Collu Tostes, colei. Testículos kollud? loose/hanging water N root root ko llud waterloose meaning 'testicle or scrotum' according to the Latin. possibly 'kudañ' BVA
397. Metu muliebria. (cosas) femeninas metru vagina N root metru vagina
398. Chan femora. Muslos chang branch/leg N root chang branch/leg
399. Lucu Genua. Rodillas luku knee N root luku knee
400. VVethuntoy poples. Comba de la rodilla wetrafüntroy joint N root sfx root wetraf (ü)n troy bend back-infjoint see Febrés 'wetron'=break; Augusta 'wetraftripan/wetrafün'=doblarse para atrás (el cuerpo de un animal)
401. Toy Tibia. Canilla (tubo, tibia) troy joint N root troy joint given here as 'tibia'
402. Hemum surae. Pantorrilla kümon calf N root kümon calf given as 'lower leg/calf'
403. Namon pes. Pie n'amün' foot N root n'amün' foot
404. Changil Namen articuli pedum. Articulaciones de los pies changüll n'amün' finger foot N N root root changüll n'amün' finger foot
405. Prencoy Namen talus pedis. Tobillo, talón del pie rüngkoy n'amün' heel foot N N root root rüngkoy n'amün' heel foot
406. Puley Namen planta pedis. Planta del pie pülay n'amün' palm/sole foot N N root root pülay n'amün' palm/sole foot
407. Piuque cor (ris). Corazón piwke heart N root piwke heart
408. VVocun pulmo. Pulmón fukuñ liver N root fukuñ liver here given as 'lung'
409. Que stomachus Estómago ke liver/viscera N root ke liver here given as 'stomach'
410. Curi que hepar. Hígado kurü ke black liver AJ N root root kurü ke black liver
411. Uecaque Lien. Bazo llükanke spleen N root llükanke spleen
412. Quelche intestina. Intestinos külche intestine N root külche intestine
413. Villin vesica. urina. Vejiga, orina willen bladder N root willen bladder Febrés gives 'bladder' but Augusta only gives 'urine'
414. Mee stercus. Estiércol me excrement N root me excrement
415. Perquen crepitus ventris. Chasquido del vientre perkün fart V root perkün fart
416. Nomoy foetor. Hedor n'ümün stink V root sfx n'ümü iy stink-ind3
417. Pelengsley aranea. Araña//telaraña//herpes pül'ü? spider? ? ? ? spider? possibly having a similar root to 'llallüng' ('ordinary spider' in Augusta) and 'pül' which many insect names begin with
418. Inche ego. Yo iñche I/me PN root iñche I/me
419. Eimi tu. eymi you(s) PN root eymi you(s)
420. Tubei ille. Él, aquel tüfey that D root tüfey that
421. Inchen nos. Nosotros iñchiñ we/us PN root iñchiñ we/us
422. Tecengen eimen vos Vosotros teyengün eymün they/them you(p) V PN root root teyengün eymün they/them(PN3p) you(PN2p) RBA notes that DCL has 'teinengen' which is likely equivalent to the form found in Valdivia (1606-10v)
423. Liengen illi. Ellos, aquellos teyengün they/them PN root teyengün they/them(PN3p) RBA notes that DCL has 'teinengen' which is likely equivalent to the form found in Valdivia (1606-10v)
424. Emma ita. Así may yes AV root may yes Febrés gives 'emay' as an option
425. Muh non. No no NEG root no
426. Pichumei prope. Cerca// casi püchingen be small V root sfx sfx püchi nge iy small-vblz-ind3
427. Ale rungei Procul. Lejos al'ü rungen very be beyond AJ V root root sfx sfx al'ü ru nge iy very pass-pass-ind3
428. Taymen contra. Contra tragün come/go receive V root sfx sfx trag me (ü)n pass on-and-inf according to Febrés the root alters with 'trav', probably related to 'trafkiñ'
429. VVoecuu foris. Fuera wekun outside AV root wekün outside
430. Compay intus. Dentro kompan enter here N root sfx sfx kom pa iy enter-cis-ind3
431. Pulon infra. Bajo pulün be inside AV root sfx sfx pu le (ü)n inside-vblz-inf
432. VVono Supra. Sobre wenu above/up AV root wenu above/up/sky/heaven/weather
433. Buri post. Detrás furi back N root furi back of the human body or any object
434. Junengen ante. Delante wünengen be before/first V root sfx sfx wünengen nge (ü)n before/first-vblz-inf
435. Quelleb juxta. Junto püllüf? narrow/fine AJ root püllüf? narrow/fine
436. Munai satis. Suficiente münan be a lot/enough V root sfx müna iy much/enough-ind3
437. Alengei nimium. Demasiado al'üngen be a lot/too much V root sfx sfx al'ü nge iy very-vblz-ind3
438. Munalai nimis parum. Demasiado poco münan be a lot/enough N root sfx sfx müna la iy much/enough-neg-ind3
439. Chem i bla Cur? ¿Por qué? chem ñi füla why/what my/her/his/its/their cause/fault WH PP N root root root chem ñi füla why/what my/her/his/its/their cause/fault
440. Uei ni bla Ideo? ¿Así? fey ñi füla this/these my/her/his/its/their cause/fault D PP N root root root fey ñi füla this/these my/her/his/its/their cause/fault
441. Uei mai esto. allí, a esto fey may this/these yes/indeed D AV root root fey may this/these yes/indeed
442. VVei hic, ille. Este, aquel fey this/these D root fey this/these
443. Temunei pulcher. Bonito tremongen be beautiful V root sfx sfx tremo nge iy beautiful-vblz-ind3
444. VVoranei deformis. Deforme wedangen be bad/ugly V root sfx sfx weda nge iy bad-vblz-ind3
445. Nevvonei fortis. Fuerte, valiente newenngen be strong V root sfx newen nge iy strenght-vblzind3
446. Leptungei celer. Rápido leftungen be fast V root sfx sfx lef tu nge iy runajvz-vblz-ind3
447. Chouvvo piger. Flojo chofü lazy AJ root chofü lazy
448. Alilonconei valdè sapiens. Muy sabio al'ülongkongen be clever V root root sfx sfx al`ü longko nge iy veryhead/chief-vblz-ind3
449. VVentannei gravis. Pesado fanetungen be heavy V root sfx sfx sfx fane tu nge iy weigh-ajvz-vblz-ind3
450. Queunei superbus. Soberbio kewüngen be talkative V root sfx sfx kewün nge iy tongue-vblz-ind3 given as 'proud'
451. Culenei dives. Rico ül'menngen? be rich V root sfx sfx ül'men nge iy rich/nobleman-vblz-ind3 the root is uncertain
452. Cunevval pauper. Pobre kuñifal poor N root kuñifall poor
453. Toucu stolidus. Estúpido trowku? stupid? N root trowku? stupid? possibly related to 'trowkulen' (Augusta 'to have cracks')
454. Molgei nudus. Desnudo mollngen be naked V root sfx sfx moll nge iy naked-vblz-ind3
455. Ilungei vestitus. Vestido elün be dressed V root sfx sfx elü nge (ü)n give-pass-inf the passive form seems to entail 'wearing'
456. Queten angustus. Angosto kütrun be soaked V root sfx kütrun (ü)n be soaked-
457. Anquen siccus. Seco angkün be dry V root sfx angk (ü)n dry-inf
458. Prequin avarus. Avaro rükün miserliness N root sfx rükü (ü)n mezquino-nmlz following RBA
459. Prequiboe liberalis. Liberal rüküfe miser N root sfx rükün fe mezquino-inst following RBA
460. Buta magnus. Grande fücha big/old AJ root fücha big/old
461. Pichi Parvus. Pequeño püchi young/small AJ root püchi young/small
462. Montingei pinguis. Gordo motringen be fat V root sfx sfx motrin nge iy fat-vblz-ind3
463. Tou Tau macer. Flaco trongli? thin AJ root trongli thin Valdivia has 'tronüun' for 'ser flaco' this must be to be really thin, given the general emphatic meaning of reduplication
464. Pettun color. Color pütrüm dye N root pütrüm dye
465. Queli ruber. Rojo kelü red AJ root kelü red
466. Calbu coeruleus. Azul kallfü blue AJ root kallfü blue
467. Carel viridis. Verde karü green AJ root karü green
468. Choot flavus. Amarillo chod yellow AJ root chod yellow
469. Curi niger. Negro kurü black AJ root kurü black
470. Lye albus. Blanco lig white AJ root lig white
471. Nilla cayu commutare. Conmutar ngillan buy/get N root sfx ngilla ka eyu buy/getcont-ind1s-2s
472. Illuvvyn dare. Dar elun give V root elu give
473. Tuignei hilarem esse. Estar alegre truyüngen be glad V root truy glad given by both Febrés and Valdivia. In Augusta it's 'truyüwun' probably with the reflexive particle '(u)w'
474. Umatum dormire. Dormir umawtun sleep V root sfx sfx umaw tu (ü)n sleep-rest-inf
475. Limen expergisci. Despertar lemün lift/get up V root lem lift/get up
476. Tangnune frangere: Quebrar trangon break V root sfx trango (ü)n break-inf in Augusta and Smeets it is given as 'trafon', porbably related to 'traf' meaning 'joined/fixed together' and the negative suffix 'nu'
477. Bemgne struere. Construir femngen make thus V root sfx sfx fem nge (ü)n thus-vblz-inf latin equivalent of 'build'
478. Playn invenire. Encontrar/inventar pen see? V root sfx sfx pe la (iy)iñ see-neg-ind2pl following RBA
479. Uangen bÿn amittere. Soltar, abandonar, renunciar wewün? be defeated V root sfx sfx wew nge fi (ü)n win-pass-dir3
480. Necul currere. Correr nekul run/race N root nekul run/race
481. Amon ire. Ir amun go/walk V root sfx amu (ü)n go/walk-inf
482. Utalenge stare. Estar de pie witran stay on foot V root sfx sfx witra (kü)le nge stand-prog-imp2s
483. VVi-vvÿn esse. Ser /estar/existir be? V root sfx ? (ü)n be?-inf
4B4. Chucheleyn jacere. Yacer kudulen lay down V root sfx sfx kudu (kü)le (iy)iñ lay down-prog-ind2p RBA notes that DCL has 'cuchulein' instead of 'chucheleyn'
485. Tecanen saltare. Bailar trekan walk/step V root sfx treka (ü)n walk/step-inf
486. Padenatum cadere. Caer ? fall? ? root ? ?
487. Utalenen surgere. Levantarse witran stay on foot V root witra stand
488. Auinge sedere. Estar sentado anün sit V root sfx anü nge sit-imp2s 'n' possibly interpreted as 'u' – DCL confirms this as it has 'aninge'
489. Dimgune loqui. Hablar düngun speak/think V root sfx düngu (ü)n thing/news/word/thought-inf in DCL='dungune'
490. Temelenge tacere. Callar tünglen be quiet V root sfx sfx tüng le nge quiet/peace-vblz-imp2s
491. Puronge canere. Cantar pürun dance V root sfx püru nge dance-imp2s given as 'canere' in Latin. Probably interpreted by the informants as the singing and dancing of the Mapuche pürun
492. Pÿlcunge clamare. Gritar pilkongen yell V root sfx ind3 pilko nge iy throat-vblz- litterally 'use your throat' see Febrés 'kümepilkongey'='have a good voice'
493. Quipay venire. Venir küpan come V root sfx küpa iy come-ind3
494. Ien edere. Comer in eat V root sfx i (ü)n eat-inf
495. Butun bibere. Beber pütun drink V root sfx pütu (ü)n drink-inf
496. Mepai cacare. Defecar men defecate V root sfx sfx me pa iy excrement-cis-ind3
497. VVillan mejere. Orinar willün urinate V root sfx willü (ü)n urinate-inf
498. Cudepaiñ ludere. Jugar kuden play V root sfx sfx kude pa (iy)iñ play/bet-cis-ind1p
499. Quequatum causas dicere: Decir los motivos/Presentar una querella kekatun raise complaints V root sfx sfx keka tu (ü)n complaint-vblz-inf Sp:queja 'complaint'
500. Locatum litigare. Litigar, discutir ? ? ? root ? ?
501. Langawÿn nесаrе. Matar l'angümün kill V root cause sfx l'a üm (ü)n die--inf
502. MecoVVÿn portare. Cargar meñkün carry V root sfx sfx meñkü fi (ü)n carry-dir3-inf
503. Chuquin furari. Robar chukin steal V root sfx chuki (ü)n steal-inf
504. Guallulueno reddere. Devolver wallün cause to go round V root sfx sfx wall (ü)l enew surroundings-cause-ind3-1s Latin 'reddere' probably means give back
505. Peltenei pendere. Estar suspendido (tb. fig.)// pesar (tb. fig.) pültrün hang V root sfx sfx pültru nge iy hang-pass-ind3
506. Lay mori. Morir l'an die V root sfx l'a iy die-ind3
507. Rengalgei sepelire. Enterrar rüngalün bury V root sfx sfx sfx rünga (ü)l nge iy dig-cause-pass-ind3
508. Quedau Capay laborare. Trabajar küdawkan do all kinds of work V root root sfx sfx küdaw ka pa iy workother/also-cis-ind3 see Smeets
509. Intunge Milla aurum effodere. Excavar oro entun remove V root sfx root entu nge milla remove-imp2sgold
510. Nilla Teubÿn vendere. Vender ngillan buy/get N root sfx sfx sfx ngilla tu fi (ü)n buy/get-rest-dir3-ind1s
511. Nilla vin emere. Comprar ngillan buy/get N root sfx sfx ngilla fi (ü)n buy/get-dir3-ind1s
512. Chu pipai mi? quid dices? ¿Qué dirás? chu pin what say WH V pfx root sfx sfx chu pi pa imi what say-cis-ind2s
513. Quimla VVÿn tami piel nescio quid dicas No sé qué dices kimün tami pin know your(s) say V PP V root sfx sfx sfx root root sfx kim la fi iy tami pi el know-neg-dir3-ind3 your(PP2s) say-nmlz
514. Chu pipaimi quid facis? ¿Qué haces? chu pin what say WH V pfx root sfx sfx chu pi pa imi what say-cis-ind2s
515. Chumpaila nihil. Nada chumpayl'a just face up AV pfx root chum payl'a thus/just/no more thanface-up this seems idiomatic for 'doing nothing'. Q:'What are you doing?' A:'just lying on my back!'