This is one of the most substantial, careful collections of fairly naturalistic Mapudungun from the turn of the century. It was compiled by Fr. Félix de Augusta and Fr. Sigifredo de Fraunhaeusl, both Bavarian Capuchin priests. For the most part, the texts are on Mapuche-specific topics and have named informants, who were well known by the missionaries. The texts collected by Augusta are mostly from the Lafkenche region near Lake Budi, while the texts collected by Fraunhaeusl are from the Panguipulli area, both broadly within the Central Mapudungun dialect continuum.

I am grateful to Patricia Ojeda for her work transcribing and formatting the songs gathered by Fr. Frauenhaeusl (II. Canciones).

Félix de Augusta

I. Algunas costumbres de los Araucanos

II. Relaciones Modernas

III. Cuentos

IV. Canciones

V. Cartas

VI. Variedades

VII. Cánticos Religiosos


Sigfriedo de Fraunhaeusl

I. Prosa

II. Canciones

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